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    • ArchiCAD 13’s Teamwork2 really will revolutionize remote collaboration for many firms. Shame GS dropped the ball bigtime with no OSX 64bit 09:44:06
  • archicad wibu drivers v 5.3

    graphisoft has posted upgraded wibu drivers (v 5.3) for compatibility with snow leopard here.

    despite the potential installation problems described here, we had no trouble at all.

  • archicad & snow leopard

    we have been using AC12 on snow leopard without any problems so far.

    only major nuisance so far seems to be the dropped support for QTVR in quicktime X… workaround for the moment is to use quicktime 7.

    more information regarding compatibility & update to the wibu key driver here and a user discussion on archicad-talk here.

  • archicad system requirements

    the official AC12 system requirements are available here. note the 4GB memory limitation and 256MB onboard VRAM recommendation. apparently AC13 will be INTEL only.

    regarding upgrading your macs to cater for future software releases (incl. AC13), rob griffiths raises some good points about upgrading to INTEL based macs…

    “If you’re a PowerPC user, this move to Intel-only apps doesn’t mean your machine is worthless, of course. It just means that its abilities will be limited to those programs it can run today, and probably one or two more releases of the most-popular productivity applications. I would think, for instance, that the next versions of Photoshop and Office will support both platforms. Beyond that, though, the future of application development is clearly Intel-only.”

    full article available here.

    update: adobe has announced that adobe after effects CS4 will not support PPCs, indicating that eventually the other CS products will also require INTEL based macs.

  • trademarks

    Apple, the Apple logo, and Mac are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    Safari, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

    Graphisoft and ArchiCAD are registered trademarks of Graphisoft.

    [ mac i n t e r a c t ] is not affiliated with either Apple or Graphisoft nor their respective local distributors & resellers in any way, other than that we use and immensely appreciate their products.

  • google O3D project

    at last an initiative to bring the old vrml ideas, i.e. online 3d models back to a browser near you… more here.

    if this holds its promise and with google’s influence and grunt we may as well be able to finally show off 3d models without clients having to bother about downloading and installing some obscure 3rd party browser plugins.

    btw. there are beta plugins available for mac & windows.

  • AS 2890 car park

    ever wondered why there is no library part available that takes the pain out of checking if that car parking space complies with AS 2890?

    well we thought we help you out…



    AS2890 objects and more AS compliant objects now available from here.

  • archicad replacement logo(s)

    we are sure we are not the only ones who struggle following which AC version we are currently working in with potentially disastrous effects, particularly since the default AC logo has on the mac remained graphically unchanged for quite some time…

    …so we decided to amend the original archicad logo and make it available for everyone – actually since we are trained architects like most of you, we made a few options…

    ArchiCAD replacement logo matrix

    1. column: transparent white outline, 2. column: white, 3. column: transparent

    please feel free to download the above ArchiCAD replacement logos for

    ArchiCAD 10…
    ArchiCAD 11…
    ArchiCAD 12…

    ArchiCAD 13…

    to install please replace the original AC logo in:

    /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD XX/

    the above was also posted in the following thread on AC-talk: