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  • AC21 replacement icon(s)

    As every year new here are our alternative / replacement Logos / Icons for ARCHICAD 21 – this year we did not follow the official GRAPHISOFT colour (darkish blue) but instead opted for a version aligned with the black and white staircase from its physical packaging.

    All icons are available in full Retina Display glory…

    Click here for PC Download.
    Click here for MAC Download. 


    To install replace the original AC logo in:

    /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD 21/

    Please note the above was also posted on AC-talk.

  • AC20 replacement icon(s)

    For Graphisoft’s 2016 edition of ARCHICAD version 20 new replacement Logos / Icons with updated looks (once again in full Retina Display glory…).

    AC20 ICON matrix



    To install replace the original AC logo in:

    /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD 19/

    Please note the above was also posted on AC-talk.

  • ARCHICAD BIM Server backup settings

    The ARCHICAD BIM Server has a very useful built-in backup function, if configured correctly. Find below some considerations regarding a proper backup strategy.

    1. On Mac OS X we find that people tend to choose Apple’s TimeMachine as their preferred backup option. Although this is a perfect solution for your regular desktop, this is problematic on a server level as it is not easy to control, e.g. the time it runs or what to include or exclude – we use the excellent Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) instead;

    2. We typically adjust CCC to backup after hours, with a preflight script to stop and post flight script to start the ARCHICAD BIM Server;

    3. We also adjust the BIM Server backup settings to typically only do PLN backups, to ensure that in case of catastrophic failure, you at least have PLNs that you can use temporarily without a BIM Server (unless you have a few spare BIM Servers flying around)… note PLN backups are typically bigger in size than BIMSERVER backups;

    4. We also choose to run backups after hours (not all at once at 1600h – not sure how Graphisoft determined that that might be good time to have all TW projects backup at the same time…);

    5. Depending on your BIM Servers capacity and the number / size of your typical project files, carefully monitor that you do not run out of space (and risk corruption of the bimservers mongo database) – unfortunately there is no way to globally adjust the default backup settings easily, i.e. it is a manual process that requires regular checking to ensure that nobody has shared a few 4GB files with the default backup settings;

    6. Offsite backups are essential but depend on your willingness to rotate backup drives / tapes offsite (we do it daily) or your internet connection bandwidth for cloud based backups. Do think twice about cloud backups though, although convenient restoration / download times for several GB of BIM Server data might be prohibitive (we only do tapes and hard drives to avoid massive downtime);

    One last thing to keep in mind regarding the frequency of BIM Server backups:

    If your practice works in large teams and you need to restore or roll back a project file (e.g. if a single user gets detached), we find that hourly backups are not really that useful, as you typically loose as many man hours as there are team members if you reset the project for the whole team (rather than just forfeiting a single users work for the last couple of hours).

  • AC19 replacement logo(s)

    And for Graphisoft’s 2015 edition of ARCHICAD 19 now in full Retina Display glory…

    AC19 LOGO matrixDownload

    To install replace the original AC logo in:

    /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD 19/

    Please note the above was also posted on AC-talk.

  • AC18 replacement logo(s)

    The 2014 Graphisoft colour of the season…

    AC18 LOGO matrix


    To install replace the original AC logo in:

    /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD 18/

    Please note the above was also posted on AC-talk.

  • AS2890 swept paths

    ever wondered why there is no library part available that takes the pain out of checking if that loading dock or car park you just designed complies with AS 2890?



    AS2890 objects and more AS compliant objects now available from here.

    well we thought we help you out…

    please note we are offering this object for free – please contact us if you are interested.

  • archicad template (mACT)

    We have combined our years of expertise with ArchCAD (AC) and produced a template which implements various national and international standards (e.g. NATSPEC, UNIFORMAT, etc.) to facilitate quality assurance and ISO certification.



    mACT our ArchiCAD Framework / Template has a redesigned home.



    mACT17 is now available – if you have purchased mACT16 in the last couple of weeks you may qualify to get a free upgrade. In case you still require mACT16 please contact us.



    We are proud to announce that mACT16 has found a new home and pricing on

    original post

    mACT is the macinteract ArchiCAD Template and is currently available for ArchiCAD 11 – 15*.

    mACT is available as a combination of the following modules:


    The essential feature set of the mACT provides a fully functional base template suitable for a range of projects from domestic to large scale commercial and cultural. Key features include:

  • A comprehensive set of Element Attributes used to define element properties (Layers, Line Types, Fill Types, Composite Structures, Profiles, Materials, Zone Categories)
  • Model display settings to control appearance of elements to prepare various drawing types from the same model information (Layer Combinations, Pen Sets, Model View Options, Schedules, Project Indicies)
  • Predefined View Map items provide quick access to model views suitable for various design modelling tasks and documentation drawings – simply adjust view zooming to fit your project dimensions
  • Predefined Layout Book items containing a comprehensive, flexible documentation system along with sample documentation and presentation drawings from the predefined View Map placed on layouts – simply adjust drawings extent to accommodate your project and your first drawings are ready to go
  • Customized mACT Library to compliment standard ArchiCAD library, including both inhouse custom objects and a collection of useful objects freely available from various ArchiCAD sources around the world**
  • advanced

    The advanced module elaborates on the feature set of the core module to provide additional features including:

  • The Visual Favourites system for quick access to pre-defined Elements and Objects organized into categories for quick access whilst working, assisting the maintenance of drawing and modelling standards
  • Work Environments to maximize efficiency of display and shortcut usage
  • Element Attributes such as additional Profiles (BHP Steel profiles, precast concrete units, etc), comprehensive set of Zone Categories for larger range of project types, additional Materials
  • A Reference Project provides a hotlinked example model provides an invaluable interactive guide to the use of various template features – from simple attribute appearances applied to real elements, right through to PDF output of documentation drawings on titleblocks.
  • visualization

    We are currently developing two additional professional modules to provide for more advanced rendering using either ArchiCAD’s own Lightworks engine, or via a custom template for use with Maxons Cinema 4D Architecture Bundle.

    If you are interested in mACT, please contact us so we can provide more detailed information directly.

    * in fact we always update it to the latest ArchiCAD version as soon as it is available.
    ** Please note that all free 3rd party content contained in the mACT Library along with our own free content is available separately from the mACT at no cost upon request – we are simply including it with the template for simplicity. A downloadable version is in the works..

  • AC16 replacement logo(s)

    Another year another colour…


    To install replace the original AC logo in:

    /Applications/Graphisoft/ArchiCAD 16/

    Please note the above was also posted on AC-talk.

  • Magic Mouse panning

    although the magic mouse has solved the problem with the far too easily clogged up trackball on its predecessor, by simply doing away with this ‘3rd button’ it has created another major problem: how can you pan in applications such as ArchiCAD, Photoshop, etc.?

    there is actually a really simple solution, install ‘MagicPrefs‘ (free) and not only do you get your center button back for panning around, but you can even set the mouse to recognise gestures!

    however, if you do not want to tinker around just use the ‘graphics, 3d, CAD, modeling’ preset and you are ready to go.