ARCHICAD Speed Issues

ARCHICAD Speed Issues
10/06/2016 Admin Macinteract

How well your ARCHICAD functions depends on a number of factors, not in the least which combination of operating system and ARCHICAD you are using.
We generally recommend to avoid upgrading to the latest OS X version, and for now keep with 10.10 a.k.a. Yosemite.
However, in any case it is a good idea to always have the latest hotfix installed to cure most issues.

Additionally, if you are still using ARCHICAD 18 and you have a computer with Retina display, ensure you open ARCHICAD in low resolution mode:

  • close ARCHICAD
  • locate in Applications > GRAPHISOFT > ArchiCAD xx folder
  • select the application
  • from the context menu choose Get Info
  • check Open in Low Resolution
  • While you’re here, also tick Prevent App Nap (This is recommended for any version of ARCHICAD!)

You can further speed up ARCHICAD by:

  • Navigate toARCHICAD > Work Environment > Advanced Redraw Options
  • Set 2D Drawing Hardware Acceleration to Full