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  • archicad template (mACT)

    We have combined our years of expertise with ArchCAD (AC) and produced a template which implements various national and international standards (e.g. NATSPEC, UNIFORMAT, etc.) to facilitate quality assurance and ISO certification.



    mACT our ArchiCAD Framework / Template has a redesigned home.



    mACT17 is now available – if you have purchased mACT16 in the last couple of weeks you may qualify to get a free upgrade. In case you still require mACT16 please contact us.



    We are proud to announce that mACT16 has found a new home and pricing on

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    mACT is the macinteract ArchiCAD Template and is currently available for ArchiCAD 11 – 15*.

    mACT is available as a combination of the following modules:


    The essential feature set of the mACT provides a fully functional base template suitable for a range of projects from domestic to large scale commercial and cultural. Key features include:

  • A comprehensive set of Element Attributes used to define element properties (Layers, Line Types, Fill Types, Composite Structures, Profiles, Materials, Zone Categories)
  • Model display settings to control appearance of elements to prepare various drawing types from the same model information (Layer Combinations, Pen Sets, Model View Options, Schedules, Project Indicies)
  • Predefined View Map items provide quick access to model views suitable for various design modelling tasks and documentation drawings – simply adjust view zooming to fit your project dimensions
  • Predefined Layout Book items containing a comprehensive, flexible documentation system along with sample documentation and presentation drawings from the predefined View Map placed on layouts – simply adjust drawings extent to accommodate your project and your first drawings are ready to go
  • Customized mACT Library to compliment standard ArchiCAD library, including both inhouse custom objects and a collection of useful objects freely available from various ArchiCAD sources around the world**
  • advanced

    The advanced module elaborates on the feature set of the core module to provide additional features including:

  • The Visual Favourites system for quick access to pre-defined Elements and Objects organized into categories for quick access whilst working, assisting the maintenance of drawing and modelling standards
  • Work Environments to maximize efficiency of display and shortcut usage
  • Element Attributes such as additional Profiles (BHP Steel profiles, precast concrete units, etc), comprehensive set of Zone Categories for larger range of project types, additional Materials
  • A Reference Project provides a hotlinked example model provides an invaluable interactive guide to the use of various template features – from simple attribute appearances applied to real elements, right through to PDF output of documentation drawings on titleblocks.
  • visualization

    We are currently developing two additional professional modules to provide for more advanced rendering using either ArchiCAD’s own Lightworks engine, or via a custom template for use with Maxons Cinema 4D Architecture Bundle.

    If you are interested in mACT, please contact us so we can provide more detailed information directly.

    * in fact we always update it to the latest ArchiCAD version as soon as it is available.
    ** Please note that all free 3rd party content contained in the mACT Library along with our own free content is available separately from the mACT at no cost upon request – we are simply including it with the template for simplicity. A downloadable version is in the works..