ARCHICAD Terminology

Vectorworks ARCHICAD Notes
Classes Layers In AC Layers can also be controlled via Layer Combinations
Design Layers Stories Scale in AC is controlled via Views. Note that some Elements are scale- sensitive, i.e. they may change their LOD according to the selected Scale.
Viewports / Saved Views Views / View Map
Sheet Layers Layout Output Resolution in AC is controlled in the Publisher
Graphic Attribute Overrides Model View & Pen Sets & Graphic Override Styles in AC Graphic Attributes are controlled on an Element / Type Level, i.e. they can not be changed via the Class as in VW
Object Info Info Box
Organiser Navigator
Resource Browser Object Library
Symbols Objects
Workgroup Referencing / Project Sharing Hotlink Manager & Drawing Manager AC allows multiple Users to work concurrently in one file via Teamwork
Workspace Work Environment
Batch Export Publisher
VectorScript GDL


ARCHICAD file types.

Please note ARCHICAD files come in the following formats:

PLN = standard ARCHICAD file format (extension) containing a single standalone ARCHICAD Project

PLA = ARCHICAD Archive, used to archive old projects and potentially contains all linked objects and textures (similar to an Indesign package)

BPN = a backup file which gets automatically created once you save your ARCHICAD file

MOD = an ARCHICAD module file omits unused attributes from the file.

TEAMWORK = these files can only be accessed by connecting to a Graphisoft BIM Server

LCF = Library Container File

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