Exporting IFC from ARCHICAD

Exporting IFC files from ARCHICAD can be a lengthy process, which often fails after an extended period. To minimise your risk of wasting your time, consider these tips:

    • Check your ARCHICAD model for 3d errors / invalid polygons.
      More details how to best do this are available here.
    • Create a specific IFC EXPORT view and associated LAYER COMBO, optimised to only show relevant and ideally low polygon count elements;
    • Create a publisher set for repeat export;
    • Verify the exported IFC model with a free IFC viewer (e.g. Solibri Anywhere)
    • Before you distribute the IFC file to third parties, compress the IFC file via the free Solibri IFC Optimiser.

Also consider subscribing to our comprehensive File Exchange Field Guide, which includes details on importing IFC files into ARCHICAD as well as the specific tips and tricks for exchange of other file formats (e.g. DWG, 3ds, SketchUP and Revit).

Or if you’re after the basics, refer to Graphisoft’s reference guide here.


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