Architecture and AI Visualisers

In recent years, the field of architecture has seen the notable integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of visualisers.

These tools leverage advanced algorithms and data analytics to streamline the early stages of design, offer rapid prototyping and iterative exploration of various concepts.

With the global market’s shifting focus towards effective AI applications, there is now an ever-increasing slew of product options with a large array of varying features.

Below are our comparative findings of recommended AI visualisers.


Stable Diffusion

Series of visualisations using identical word prompts. The potential variations are broad.

Towards the end of 2023, Graphisoft released their own integrated AI Visualiser for ArchiCAD 27. Powered by “Stable Diffusion”, this program offers users an in-built visualiser palette which extracts base images directly from the ArchiCAD 3D window.

In addition to the free price point, the visualisation process being wholly contained within a singular CAD program is an attractive feature for users.

Findings and Features:

Complex installation process

    • 20gb Download Required
    • High hardware requirements

Lock function

    • Locks materials in place whilst allowing for modification of camera angle

Loopback Feature

    • Use previous generations as reference for future images.

Low control over Geometry

    • Geometry fidelity slider is not entirely effective.

Infinite Image Generation

    • Able to generate infinite amounts of images without additional costs.

Relatively Slow generation time

    • Tends to be slower than cloud based AI applications due to consumer hardware limitations.

Although Stable Diffusion is able to produce visually impressive images, the lack of fine control over details and ongoing iterations makes it difficult to effectively produce images without blind reiterations.

Learn more about ArchiCAD visualiser here. Visualiser is a newly emerging company which focuses specifically on AI for Architectural Visualisation. Lookx is an entirely cloud based program which offers its own set of unique benefits.Unlike other general visualisers, Lookx’s visualisation workflow is designed for continual, interactive design and a high level of control.


Series of visualisations using identical word prompts. The results are higher in consistency.

Findings and Features:

Quick Generation Time

    • Cloud server utilises powerful hardware

No Installation

    • Zero installation required

Style Reference Image

    • Extract and input rendering style from reference images

Precise Geometry Control

    • Strong prompt strength
    • Edit mode allows for direct, targeted generation
    • Option for negative prompts

Reiterative Design Process

    • Feedback loop between product and reference.
    • Creations can be reiterated and partially edited.

Creations Plaza

    • Library of user productions. Great for referencing user strategies and prompts.

A critical feature offered by is the ability to be able to train the AI model using reference images and cyclical feedbacks within the visualisation process.

Resulting images. Prompts were used to alter lighting/timber texture.













Learn more about visualiser here.

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