Restart your Mac properly


To keep your Mac running at its best, a restart often helps to set things straight.

If your Mac is managed by an IT admin, e.g. via jamf, Mosyle or our own RADAR service, it is crucial to restart your Mac before you leave for the day, so the management system can do its thing without interrupting your daily work.

Properly restarting

Often open apps do not properly quit, when you click the restart command and walk away.

Instead stay and check for any stalled apps or prompts to save your open files, e.g. you may have a new Pages or Word document open which has never been saved.
Until you either discard such unsaved files, the respective app will not quit thus preventing your Mac to restart.

Force quit

Sometimes stalled apps, may need to be Force Quit before macOS can restart.

Go to Apple Menu > Force Quit, and select any Applications which show as Application not responding;

Login Screen

Once you see your Mac at the login screen you are good to go…

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