All systems GO.

Help us design the perfect System Solution for you - and we'll help you keep it that way.

You know your business and we know Design Technology.  Together we can build the system that gets your technology working for you, and not the other way around.

We design, setup and optimise Apple networks and servers, provide strategic advice on your IT investment and setup office procedures.  We’ll implement backup and maintenance strategies and can proactively and remotely monitor your office systems to keep you up and running.

Another software update?  We’ll make sure your staff are on a level playing field, advise on when best to upgrade – and even push it out to all your users from our office while you’re all at lunch!

Ailing Hardware?  With our comprehensive systems monitoring, we’ll help you catalogue and monitor your existing assets – give you advice on how well your hardware can perform in real world situations, and flag when your technology is reaching the end of its natural cycle.

we're a team...

We believe in the strength of the team.  Our ability to cooperate internally and with you our clients is key to our own professional fulfilment and success as a business.

we're direct..

We believe in direct, eye-to-eye communication. If the answer can be summarised in one word then, no matter who you are, we will not write an essay in reply.

...and it's personal.

We are Daniel, Alex, Jon, Martin and Tim. One of us will be your point of contact, the rest of us are there for support. No automated replies, no lodging of tickets, just us.  Contact us below, and see how macinteract can help your office today.


why macinteract.


With our background in your design industry, we take pride in our ability to communicate with you and your team without a translator.

We know how a design office works and what it needs to function efficiently. We believe in providing you with a closely integrated service. We watch, we listen, and we work with you to establish a strategy specifically tailored to the needs of your company.

Our goal is to be the Design Technology Managers you wish you had years ago.