mACT ARCHICAD Template – Version and Feature comparison table

mACT ARCHICAD Template – Version and Feature comparison table
6 January 2020 Daniel









Layer Combo & Layers: updated naming & added layers

Fills consolidated & Fill by room type set added

Pen Sets Consolidated & Refined for better graphic output

Pen Sets for consultants added to override placed external drawings to help identify consultant drawings in plan views

Pen Sets pen-by-function system expanded to include pens dedicated to zone types, company colours, FRL, mark-up

Pen Sets modified to allow for seamless integration with the standard ARCHICAD Library

Continuous index numbers


Integrated Property Manager with Graphic Overrides and building elements to facilitate Scheduling

Integrated Property Manager set up allowing detailed information for finishes, fixtures & fittings schedules to be added

Improved Property to IFC Export

Integrated expressions, eg. cost per square metre, apartment number


Version proofing and added Favorites for new objects/ ARCHICAD features

New Favorites for Rail , Curtain Wall & Opening Tools


General maintenance, version proofing and added objects

2D construction documentation symbols (power points, light switches, sprinklers, etc.) added

ARCHICAD 20 Stair Library extract (stability workaround)

mACT Smart Tree – linked Plan, Section / Elevation & 3d projections

mACT Document Transmittal – easy & automatic Transmittal

mACT Universal Label – allowing for all you could possibly do with a Label (improved)

mACT Wall Label (improved)

mACT Views from the Sun

mACT Hydraulic Fixtures with Model View penetration override

mACT Electrical objects updated with Model View Control

mACT Labels improved MVO overrides

Model View

Customised Graphic Overrides & MVOs updated to include new features

Central display overrides for labels and zone stamps

Central display overrides for 2D & 3D detail, clearance zones

Central display overrides for penetrations


Revision letter/ number automatically included in digital file name.

Revision & Transmittal System: semi-automated and fully managed from within ARCHICAD

Automated object-based transmittal


Various added & consolidated (e.g. window schedules, view & layout management)


Cinerender presets

Work Environment

Rebuilt to enable new ARCHICAD features

mACT toolbar rebuilt & features added

Adjusted layout for improved workflow

Reference Project

Added extra detail

Example for automated Revision & Transmittal process

Userguide interface


Essential info & workflows added on dedicated mACT Help worksheet


Online ARCHICAD Field Guide trial subscription

Online installation & Getting Started guide

Quick tips and best practice workflows newsletter


Indicates new or updated feature.