mACT ARCHICAD Template – Version and Feature comparison table

mACT ARCHICAD Template – Version and Feature comparison table
6 January 2020 Daniel









Layer Combo & Layers: updated naming & added layers

Fills consolidated & Fill by room type set added

Pen Sets Consolidated & Refined for better graphic output

Pen Sets for consultants added to override placed external drawings to help identify consultant drawings in plan views

Pen Sets pen-by-function system expanded to include pens dedicated to zone types, company colours, FRL, mark-up

Continuous index numbers


Integrated Property Manager with Graphic Overrides and building elements to facilitate Scheduling

Integrated Property Manager set up allowing detailed information for finishes, fixtures & fittings schedules to be added

Improved Property to IFC Export

Integrated expressions, eg. cost per square metre, apartment number


Version proofing and added Favorites for new objects/ ARCHICAD features

New Favorites for Rail , Curtain Wall & Opening Tools


General maintenance, version proofing and added objects

2D construction documentation symbols (power points, light switches, sprinklers, etc.) added

ARCHICAD 20 Stair Library extract (stability workaround)

mACT Smart Tree – linked Plan, Section / Elevation & 3d projections

mACT Document Transmittal – easy & automatic Transmittal

mACT Universal Label – allowing for all you could possibly do with a Label (improved)

mACT Wall Label (improved)

mACT Views from the Sun

Model View

Customised Graphic Overrides & MVOs updated to include new features

Central display overrides for labels and zone stamps

Central display overrides for 2D & 3D detail, clearance zones

Central display overrides for penetrations


Revision letter/ number automatically included in digital file name.

Revision & Transmittal System: semi-automated and fully managed from within ARCHICAD

Automated object-based transmittal


Various added & consolidated (e.g. window schedules, view & layout management)


Cinerender presets

Work Environment

Rebuilt to enable new ARCHICAD features

mACT toolbar rebuilt & features added

Adjusted layout for improved workflow

Reference Project

Added extra detail

Example for automated Revision & Transmittal process

Userguide interface


Essential info & workflows added on dedicated mACT Help worksheet


Online ARCHICAD Field Guide trial subscription

Online installation & Getting Started guide

Quick tips and best practice workflows newsletter


Indicates new or updated feature.