Convert mobile to local account

To convert a mobile (a.k.a. portable home directory) to a local user account do the following:



If you are using network user accounts on 10.7 / Lion and later, you will also have to do the following:

1. login to network user account;

2. go to System preferences > Users & Groups > Current User > Mobile account: Create

3. click on ‘Create’…

4. when prompted confirm with user network account login details (screen goes blank…. wait – do not interrupt);

5. once back at login screen, log back in – check that when creating new folders on desktop they show also in ~/Desktop…. also note in Users & Groups Network has changed to Mobile

6. log out of local account, then continue as described below…

1. in a local Administrator account, open System Preferences > Accounts

2. select and delete the User account, by choosing ‘Don’t change the home folder’;

3. rename the ‘deleted’ user account, via Terminal to its previous shortname…
sudo mv /Users/jdoe (Deleted) /Users/jdoe

IMPORTANT: Please be very careful when using the sudo command!

4. go back to System Preferences > Accounts and create a new local User account by utilising the previous mobile accounts details, e.g. John Doe / jdoe;

5. when prompted choose to utilise the existing home folder – all permissions will then be set automatically;

6. login as the new user and check when prompted create a new keychain;

7. check that all data has come across, then change the users PHD settings in WGM to ‘none and also remove the PHD user folder from your server;

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