snow leopard improvements

now that we have been able to dive right into snow leopard, here a brief overview of what we like most…

  • event editing in ical… much easier than before, thanks to: ical > edit > show inspector
  • expose all windows grid (sort ‘command+1’ alphabetically, ‘command+2’ by application)
  • minimise windows into dock icon (system preferences > dock) instead of cluttering the right side of dock
  • video screen capture… integrated into quicktime X – note: quicktime 7 offered a lot more, particularly export functionality airport signal strength feedback
  • additional security settings… one can now set an interval after which authentication after sleep / screen saver is required new keyboard shortcut interface
  • location aware clock… system preferences > date & time > time zone, allows for automatic time zone setup based on location
  • on demand printer drivers… software update will check for updates and / or download required printer drivers
  • custom automatic text substitutions… system preferences > language & text > text, similar functionality to ‘typeit4me’
  • smart eject… indicating what uses an external drive if it is busy
  • overall speed improvements… jason snell of macworld:

    “Macworld Lab compared Leopard to Snow Leopard in 16 different speed tests on three different systems. On half of our tests, Snow Leopard showed definite speed improvements when compared to Leopard.”

if you like to read in more detail about some of the above, we suggest checking out for a complete list of articles here,
on major changes here and an explanation of 32 & 64 bit implementation here.

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