Setting Up OpenVPN

What is OpenVPN?

OpenVPN is an alternative VPN solution. You connect to your office VPN via an app instead of from the macOS drop-down menu.
If installed on your Mac the OpenVPN Connect app is found here: /Applications/OpenVPN Connect/OpenVPN
If you don’t have the app and have admin rights on your mac, download and install it from here:

How to set yourself up (on macOS)

1. Ensure any existing vpn is disconnected.

2. Your IT Manager will provide you with a configuration file, e.g. – unzip the file and you will find a file named xxx_VPNConfig.ovpn, next double click to open it.

3. This will open the OpenVPN app and you will be prompted to import the .ovpn configuration profile. Click on OK.

4. To add your details, enter your VPN server username and optionally, select “Save password” to enable password entry. Confirm by clicking the  ‘Add’ button.

5. To connect click the radio button / toggle to connect and later also to disconnect.

You can also do this via the OpenVPN drop-down menu in the macOS menubar.

6. Once the OpenVPN connection is successfully established, connect to your office file server and other network services the same you would whilst you are in the office.

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