mACT ARCHICAD Work Environment

mACT ARCHICAD Work Environment
2 May 2020 Daniel

As part of the annual development of mACT our ARCHICAD Template, we also produce a continuously refined Work Environment.

It has been optimised for 27 inch displays or larger and includes the following refinements:

  1. Workflow based layout > from left to right, putting the focus on Favourites for efficient modelling;
  2. Quick menus > providing a logical structure to the most important commands;
  3. Drawing essentials > quick feedback on coordinates and drawing method controls;
  4. Logical shortcuts > providing a logical syntax of key combinations;
  5. Performance based Work Environment settings > all performance relevant settings are optimised;

Only use for the specified ARCHICAD version.

Included with mACT or available separately for

only $0.00