You have our complete attention.

We can lead you through – step by step,
focus on just the elements which are important to you,
or you can create your own journey with our online guides.

Guns for hire!

We believe the best outcomes are achieved by assisting in real time on actual jobs.

Starting a new project?
Not sure of the best approach?
Let our architecturally trained experts provide you with project specific support in a manner to suit you.


We’re all about generating real architectural output.

Our experts are all experienced architectural designers and have used your software to create real projects, locally and internationally, ranging from small to very big.

Do it yourself.

Feel confident?

Our Field Guides, Templates and GDL Objects will have you up and running in no time.

Access our expert knowledge how you want – when you want via our online learning platform.

Support your way

Our experienced staff will personalise your learning
and set you on your way to a leaner, faster you.

macinteract’s experts are all qualified architects and designers.

With years of experience working with your favourite BIM Software, we have distilled our expertise into
productivity tools, learning resources and custom components to benefit you and your team.

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