VW2011 not working on Mavericks

Since Apple has released Mavericks, Vectorworks 2011 no longer runs on Macs with 10.9 / Mavericks – although this has been widely criticised, Nemetschek is most likely to stick with its policy to only provide support for the last 2 versions of Vectorworks.

An overview on which version runs on what is available here.

Currently you only have the following options to deal with this situation:

1. upgrade to the latest version of Vectorworks;

2. downgrade your Mac(s) to 10.8 / Mountain Lion (if you still have an installer), we have done this successfully on a variety of models – however the latest MacBookPro11,2 series can no longer easily be downgraded and it is only a matter of time before the new iMacs can no longer be downgraded either;

3. if the above is too radical, setup a bootcamp partition as explainedhere.

4. use Fusion or Parallels to setup a virtual instance of 10.8 and run VW2011 inside that – we must admit this is not ideal as VW2011 seems to have some speed issues when virtualised…

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