Why we use BEACON and RADAR.

Your computers are the backbone of your work, to ensure they are operating at their peak BEACON monitors your Macs and let’s us know if something is wrong.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

In addition to BEACON we have created RADAR to provide you with rigorous pro-active support and to save you costly time – whether it is yours or your IT providers.

What BEACON does.

BEACON helps prevent surprises, it runs in the background passively monitoring the following (amongst a few other more technical things):

  • Server: checks to ensure your server is operating correctly and reports any critical information such as availability, utilisation, license expirations, proper backup functionality, and more.
  • Backup Systems: sends alerts when backups are not being performed as expected – proper Backups are essential in case something goes wrong.
  • Disk drives: sends alerts before issues occur due to low disk space. Giving us the time to fix the problem or replace faulty hardware before it impacts on your work.
  • Raid systems: early warnings of failures from Apple and SoftRaid will keep your data secure.
  • Networks: alerting us when there’s an excessive number of network errors, so we can ensure your network runs smoothly.
  • System Performance: we’ll alert you to productivity-robbing issues such as failing laptop batteries, kernel panics, faulty RAM, unscheduled reboots, and even failed power-on self-tests (POST) which usually go unnoticed.

Please note we find BEACON so useful, that we offer this service for free to all our clients.

What RADAR does.

In addition to the above RADAR allows us to proactively save you money (on average 60% per month) – amongst other things RADAR does the following:

  • Software Updates: installs pre-approved software and ensures all users are on the same software version;
  • Maintenance: executes various tasks at scheduled times, contributing to your macOS’s overall performance;
  • Malware: adds an additional layer of malware checking so that we can sort out any issues.
  • iOS & macOS setup: remote setup of user accounts & base deployment of your standard software;

RADAR is available as monthly subscription per mac – pay month by month without lock-in contract.

It goes without saying that neither BEACON or RADAR transfer any personal information stored on your devices at any time – your privacy is guaranteed at all times.

Example scenario.

It is not a question of if, but when a hard drive will fail. Typically, before one does, the computer logs will report (i/o) errors. Picking up on these errors early lets us ensure that all data is backed up and transferred to a new drive – resulting in you experiencing minimal to no downtime when the drive eventually fails. The alternative would be a dead hard drive, lost data and unproductive hours / days, while waiting for the drive to be replaced, the operating system and all software to be installed as well as the user profile set up again.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

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