preview tricks

not too many mac users realise that apple’s preview can do most of their everyday basic image or pdf related manipulation tasks that they normally would use Adobe Acrobat or even Photoshop for…

1. PDF manipulation

a. Annotate text:
under Tools > Annotate you can add ovals, rectangles, notes and insert links

b. Highlight text:
select the text that you wish to highlight, then go to Tools > Mark Up > Highlight Text… note you can also choose to strike through or underline text;

c. Delete pages from a multi page PDF:
select the page in the sidebar and hit delete;

d. Add pages to a PDF:
open PDFs at the same time, then drag and drop pages between the sidebars to add new pages;

e. rearrange pages in a multipage PDF:
simply select a page then drag and drop to rearrange;

2. PDF & Image manipulation

a. crop:
click the select button, then drag & hold to select an are, then go to Tools > Crop;

b. rotate:
go to Tools > Rotate Left or Right

All of the above can also be done in a multipage PDF, to do so simply select the page or pages you wish to adjust first.

3. Image manipulation

a. colour: You can also do some basic colour adjustments to PNGs JPEGs & TIFFs, go to Tools > Adjust Color

b. size: again go to Tools > Adjust Size

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