PDF markups for Architects

One of the tasks in Architecture which still requires printing and scanning, is the markup of drawings and renderings.
Mostly markups are created by experienced staff to instruct and communicate with their teams and collaborators, thus clarity and time are both critical factors.

We find that either of the below soft- & hardware combos, go a long way in streamlining this process…

OPTION A – expand your existing setup with a Tablet

1 x Apple iMac or MacBook Pro, ideally with a 27 inch screen or display connected
1 x Wacom Intuos Tablet available in various sizes, we think small is big enough

OPTION B – use an iPadPro 12.9 inch

1 x Apple iPad Pro 12.9 4th gen 256GB WiFi only
1 x Apple Pencil 2nd gen
1 x PaperLike iPad screen protector

Regarding software, there is the obvious choice of Adobe Acrobat, however if you are not yet invested into the Adobe universe there are also other options available.

PDF Expert (iOS and macOS) > easy to use markup tools, including arrows that are easily adjusted plus custom stamps;

morpholio trace (iOS only) > the sketch design app geared specifically for architects: grid, stencils, hatches and more;

For ideas which other apps and accessories to use on iOS, have a look at our iPad in Architecture post.

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