Improve your home network

  1. check your internet speed… use your Internet Service Providers speed test – some of the more common ISPs speedtests are listed below:

    On a good NBN connection you should see at least 20 Mbps for both UP and DOWNLOADS – obviously depending on what you actually pay for.
  2. move your router… particularly if you re using WiFi, having your router in a closet or cupboard is not recommended;
  3. use an ethernet cable… the best speeds and most stable connections you can only get with having your Mac connected directly to the ports on your Router via Ethernet cable’
  4. optimise your WiFi... the out of the box setup for most WiFi setups are generic, i.e. your neighbours most likely use exactly the same setup. check your routers documentation online, and adjust the channels settings to 1, 6, or 11 – these are the best ones, with the least amount of interference when multiple devices get hooked up;
  5. upgrade your router… the stock standard ones provided by your ISP do everything but are typically not the best ones, ideally keep you router and get one or more dedicated WiFi access point(s), as they create a much stronger WiFi signal and throughput (e.g. TP-Link AC1350 or for bigger homes mesh capable devices)
  6. add a / change the password to your WiFi… if you can access your WiFi without password or have not changed it in a long time, now is the time to adjust it and bump the freeloaders off;
  7. remove your toaster… on your router check which devices are currently connected, as most can handle only a limited amount of connections;
  8. restart your router and NBN black box… surprisingly this often works wonders!
  9. do another speedtest as per 1. … if you are still not seeing the speeds you are paying for, call your ISP and have them check your connection to see if there are any problems with it;

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