iMac grunt for ArchiCAD

ever since we got our shiny 27″ imacs i7 earlier this year, we have been wondering how they perform against other much more expensive setups – here some data compiled from some recent macworld benchmarks…

a more comprehensive comparison of all current mac’s is available directly on macworld – note that even with the new speedmark version the imac still outperforms the entry level quad core mac pros.

basically it comes down to this:
if get yourself a 27″ iMac i7, with an SSD (BTO for AUD 3729) from apple and upgrade it to 16GB RAM from another more affordable source (AUD 620) you save around AUD 449 over the entry level mac pro and get a high performance workstation including a beautiful large screen, which should easily handle most tasks the typical ArchiCAD workflow holds.

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