iphone OS 3.0 features

for a comprehensive overview on the new iphone OS 3.0 features please click here.

we reckon the most important bits and pieces are the following:

  • copy & paste: simply place the insertion pointer and keep pressed until the magnifying glass appears, let go and either choose “select” or “select all”. additionally, you can append your selection by using the blue buttons, then cut, copy & paste…
  • landscape mode: especially handy for some emails
  • spotlight search: to search wipe right / press the home button on your home screen
  • tethering: this enables using your iphone as a modem for your laptop when on the road… (unfortunately, some carriers charge for this or do not allow tethering in the first place – however, some workarounds exist please contact us for more information).
  • mms: multimedia messaging
  • share contact: enables sending of a contact’s vcard via email

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