ArchiCad : Troubleshooting using Schedules.

When you get an error report on degenerated polygons upon opening the 3D window typically the culprit is a tiny bit of slab, a leftover from editing. How do you find something that small?

Certainly you could go the long way by displaying only and selecting all the slabs in the 3D window and then one by one deselect slabs you can see manually. Depending on the size of your project you could have grown a beard by the time you’d be finished.

Here’s where the scheduling ability of ArchiCad comes in handy:

1. Create a new schedule (select a schedule in the Project Map, click Settings, Create New…) by Construction Elements and name appropriately. Click OK.

2. Criteria: Element Type = Slab

3. Fields : ID and Area (Located under General). Organise so that smallest Area will be on top. Click OK.

4. Open the schedule and select a slab with unusually small surface area.

5. Click the “Select on Floor Plan” button. Delete if necessary.


Repeat step 4 and 5 until all culprits are gone, then chastise the person responsible for sloppy edits.

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