graphisoft on QTVR…

Since the future of QTVR technology is unclear, Graphisoft decided to discontinue QTVR Support in ArchiCAD 13. This has given us the opportunity to optimize the memory usage of the 32-bit version of ArchiCAD, enabling users to work with larger models.

… and not surprisingly…

For creating navigable 3D Models for presentations, we recommend the far superior Virtual Building Explorer, available for Windows and Mac.

apparently, the legacy QTVR add-on (32bit only) is still working and is available for download here – note: currently AC13 for mac’s is only available as 32bit version.

alternatively, if you own cinema4d, you may use it in combination with ‘quicktime PRO’ to produce QTVRs. also for the time being previously created QTVR’s, can be viewed via ‘quicktime 7’, which is a custom install on snow leopard (10.6).

we understand that apple has not officially dropped support for QTVR with the introduction of ‘quicktime X’, at least not yet. as quicktime has been around since 1991 it is currently undergoing a massive upgrade (detailed information here), it is yet to be seen what the future has in store for QTVRs.

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