Working remotely – WFH

[18/05/2020 > updated with link to flexible work arrangement post]

The main challenge of working remotely or working from home in Architecture is the combination of large file sizes and slow or intermittent internet connections.

We find that the following approach typically works best:



Ideally staff have at least an NBN connection. Although 4G connections might work, they are typically not as stable and might cut out regularly.



  1. connect to VPN >
  2. use the BEACON menu to access the file server – if you can not connect >
  3. once connected to the FILE SERVER, copy the FILES you need to work on to your desktop;
  4. open and edit the FILES directly from your Desktop;
  5. once you are finished working, ensure that you copy the FILES back to the FILE SERVER replacing any existing files;



ARCHICAD Teamwork files will work as if you are in the office once you are connected to the VPN. The main limiting factor is internet speed if you need rejoin or share a large project file – ideally you do not want to do this outside the office, but if you must please allow enough time.



Microsoft Office 365, Adobe CC, etc. all will continue to work as normal.
All Network based licensing, e.g. SketchUP, VRAY, ARCHICAD & Vectorworks will continue to work once you are connected via VPN.



To continue communicating effectively is key when working remotely – we find the following works best:

ZOOM > The perfect tool for remote collaboration as in addition to the classic voice and video features it allows to screen share and markup drawings cross platform. Note that in the free version meetings are limited to max 40 min.

KERIO CONNECT chat > If you are using KERIO Connect as your mail server, you can use its webinterface to access the chat feature.

APPLE MESSAGES > For all staff that already have an Apple ID they can simply setup the Apple Messages app on their Mac (/Applications/ and send free messages to other staff.

Also refer to our flexible work arrangement post.

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