VPN setup on macOS

If you are setting up VPN on your mac for the first time, here are some steps to go through:

  1. Install the VPN Profile that you received;
  2. Click on the Apple logo (on top left) > System Preferences > Network
  3. Select the VPN connection from the sidebar and check “show VPN status in menu bar”. Click “Apply”.

  • After the above you can access the VPN settings directly via the Desktop menu bar (top right, next to the Time & Date display) whenever you need to establish a VPN connection.
  • When prompted to enter your name and password, use your regular server login credentials unless other details have been provided.

  • Upon successful connection, a counter on right side of  VPN icon will be displayed – see above Tip.
  • To connect to your File Server use the shortcut in the BEACON dropdown menu and enter your server login credentials when prompted.


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