text substitution

tired of typing the same phrase again and again many times a day?

how about setting up a somewhat hidden feature called text substitution built right into 10.6.

to get started we recommend creating a text file (e.g. an email) which includes your most common used phrases or ‘text snippets’.

once you have collected a few such recurring time wasters go to ‘system preferences > language & text > text’ and click on the little plus sign at the bottom left. next add an abbreviation to the ‘Replace’ column, i.e. the text that triggers the ‘text substitution’ – we recommend to use at least 3 character abbreviations.

then copy and paste the actual text from your text file in the ‘With’ column. please note that although the ‘With’ column does not display the complete text it can handle very long text, line breaks and paragraphs.

once you are done close ‘system preferences’ and test it in an email, note that the actual substitution only occurs once you have hit either the tab, space or return key.

unfortunately this only works in apple mail, if you find this a useful feature and wish to use it in any application you may find typeit4me useful.

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