mACT Smart Tree

The mACT Smart Tree object solves a long standing problem we have experienced in ARCHICAD, as it displays correctly across all viewports.

Included are thirty five (35!) 2D graphics and twenty four (24) 3D tree shapes, all displaying in the 3D viewport and the Elevation/Section viewports.

2D Representation Settings allow for standard graphic control of the plan symbol.

Additional 2D Feature Settings include special items like Show Trunk, Show Shadow and Show on other Stories.

However, the real power of the mACT Tree object is in its 3D representation and the way it can be projected in 3D to create a representative tree canopy.

Trees can be set to solid or transparent for both 3D and Elevation/Section viewports

Two display options for 3D are available: Follow Camera (Tree rotates to face camera location anytime the 3D view is rebuilt) or Cardboard Tree (Tree is static but projects as cardboard cutout tree)

Similarly, if Face camera in Elevation/Section is enabled, the Tree object will be always displayed as full projection in Elevation or Section Viewport.

If required the mACT Smart Tree object can easily be adjusted to accommodate additional styles – just let us know.


Tips & Tricks

When you enable the Face camera feature in Elevation / Section projection > cardboard intersection line visible

ARCHICAD 20 is not great at refreshing the mACT Smart Tree in the 3D window after you adjust its settings. To prompt a refresh, open and close the Object Settings Dialogue or reload the Libraries.

Bundled with mACT

or available separately for $249.00

update > 17/04/2021

We have released an updated version of the Smart Tree object, for full details refer to its new website.

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