mACT Smart People

The mACT Smart People object displays correctly across all viewports – solving a long standing problem with most default people and tree objects in ARCHICAD.

Included in the XMAS 2020 Edition of this object are various 2D graphics and 3D shapes of a single style, however given the tumultuous year we had we could not resist to include some pandemic relevant people…

2D Representation Settings allow for standard graphic control of the plan symbol, with additional 2D settings to Show Shadow and Show on other Stories.

People can also be set to solid or transparent for both 3D and Elevation/Section viewports

If required the mACT Smart People object can be adjusted to accommodate additional styles – as always just let us know.

Please note the special XMAS 2020 Edition of this object is available for free, simply click on the below button to download.


Available for free.


Naturally this object is completely COVID SAFE and works in all versions since ARCHICAD 21.

Btw. we are working on including additional People and Styles, which will be released separately in the coming weeks.

update > 17/04/2021

We have released the full Smart People object, for full details refer to our new website.

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