little mac helpers

here is our list of invaluable little mac helpers or utilities, which contribute immensely to our overall productivity…

cinch (USD 7)
allows for automatic resizing of finder and application windows, by defining hot corners.

choosy (USD 12)
to control in which browser links (e.g. from within an email) open, use choosy which allows to choose which browser a link will open in.

flexcal (free, donations accepted)
a systemwide shortcut to directly create tasks and events in ical – very quick and effective.

alfred (free)
no excuse to not use this magnificent quick launcher – toggled by a shortcut it opens apps, contacts, bookmarks and even does websearches when toggled with a keyword.

dropbox (2GB free, then paid)
simply the best to keep files synced across various mac’s or even pc’s – iphone app available here.

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