How To Sync Multiple Dropbox Accounts.

Here is an easy way to sync multiple Dropbox accounts to one computer:

Start Automator. (Tip: To quickly start Applications press Command+Spacebar, Type the name & once found hit Enter!)

File>New and Choose “Workflow”

Locate “Run Shell Script” in the library list (Again, using the search feature saves time!)

Copy / Paste the following:
HOME=$HOME/Dropbox-personal /Applications/ &

This will create a folder called “Dropbox-personal” in your home directory. You can change the path and folder name to your liking, but avoid spaces in the name!

Choose File Format: Application and save into your Application Folder.

All done!
You can create as many of these apps as you like.

For advanced users:
If you have moved your home folder away from the usual OSX location you need to set a specific path where you replace “$HOME/Dropbox-personal” with “/PATH/YOUR_DROPBOX_FOLDER”, adjust to suit your specific setup.

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