BIM reality check

Lately we have noticed there is lot more activity and discussion occuring in the field of BIM – for example various Australian organizations such as NATSPEC, BIM-MEP Aus and most recently the AIA have now published BIM guidelines which to varying degrees adapt those which have already been developed overseas. There are also an increasing number of talks, seminars and conferences being held on the subject as the industry grapples with BIM .. what is it, and what does it mean for individual businesses and the industry as a whole.

The AEC sector is a notoriously complex, chaotic and inefficient one with a myriad of participants so it is understandable there is both a lot of optimism and angst out there. Since we have been involved in this field for some time – through daily implementation with clients, regular involvement in various discussions exposing a multitude of views and generally keeping abreast of developments at local and international levels – we thought it time to contribute a little more openly by providing our independent critical take on BIM and related topics.

As there is clearly far too much to discuss in a single post we think the following talking points can act as a framework for clarity of further discussion:

BIM .. is a process

Process Implications .. exist if the industry is going to really benefit

Technology .. is becoming increasingly critical to the delivery process

Legal Issues .. are uncertain and an obstacle to process change

so until next time ..

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