apple mail tips

for a really good article on apple mail’s most underused features by joe kissell, head here on macworld.

the ones we found most useful are:

3. Multiple From addresses
If an e-mail account has more than one valid From address (for example, if you use as an alias to, you can configure Mail to let you use any of those addresses when sending a given message from that account. First, choose Mail -> Preferences, click on the Accounts icon on the toolbar, select your account, and click on Account Information. Then, in the E-mail Address field, enter all the addresses you might use with that account, separated by commas. Close the Preferences window and click on Save. Now, when you compose a new message, you can choose any of those addresses from the From pop-up menu below the Subject field.

6. Send Again
Suppose you sent a message to a bunch of people and you realize you forgot someone. Instead of opening the message in your Sent mailbox, copying its contents, and pasting it into a new message, just select the message, choose Message -> Send Again (Command-Shift-D), and replace the existing recipients with the new one(s). The subject and message contents remain the same as before (although you can edit them if you like).

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