Apple MacBook Pro 2019 thoughts

Earlier this week Apple has released updated MacBook Pro models – there are already plenty of good reviews available (e.g. ars technica’s) as well as an in depth ifixit teardown

Here are our thoughts regarding the 2019 MacBook Pro model:

• the keyboard butterfly mechanism is the same before, however Apple seems to have upgraded two materials used for the keys (refer to the ifixit teardown for details)… only time will tell if that fixes the problem;

• the 2019 MacBook Pro models are as before non upgradeable, i.e. you stick with what you order.

• the price sweet spot seems to be the entry level 15 inch model for a regular workstation, add the 32GB RAM option for something a little more powerful;

Suspiciously, Apple still offers a completely out-of-date non Touch Bar model, which could be the next one to be upgraded?

Unless someone really desperately needs a new MacBook Pro, we will be holding out for some more reviews and also user feedback if the butterfly design keyboard problems have finally been resolved.

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