Project Support – Half Day

Project Support – Half Day


Purchase custom project support – as and when you need it.


Starting a new project?  Not sure of the best approach?

Let our architecturally trained experts provide you with project specific support.

The problem we often encounter is although staff have been trained in specific topics, by the time they get to apply it they have often already forgotten.

Our solution is straightforward: Provide support on actual jobs when it matters most.

This means we can solve problems as they occur and get your project(s) back on track.

Our hands-on approach results in highly interactive sessions, allowing staff to learn, apply and benefit from best practices on the fly.




    • access our highly experienced and qualified ARCHICAD users for half a day (3 Hrs);
    • highly interactive on the job assistance > learn, apply and benefit;
    • available via remote screen sharing sessions or in person with a visit to your office (call-out fees apply);
    • temporary access to relevant Field Guides included (as required);


Want to know more about our experts or contact us to discuss your individual needs?  




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