Installation guide

First steps

  1. Place the downloaded copy of mACT on your server and ensure you keep a copy as a backup.
  2. Extract the contents of the compressed file to a location on your server that everyone in your office has access to, so they can load the template when they start a new project.
  3. Relink File Paths.
    The following items in ARCHICAD link to absolute file paths. Adjusting these to point to your local file paths by changing it directly in the template file, saves you from having to do this for every new file you start of the template.

    1. Open the template file (in the following order!):

      1. Open up ARCHICAD.
      2. File > Open and navigate to the folder where you extracted the template.
      3. Open “mACT 23_0.tpl”
    2. Relink the Library:
      1. File > Libraries & Objects > Library Manager
      2. Click “Add…” and navigate to the folder where you extracted the template.
        The mACT Library is located in /Extras/Libraries. 
      3. Click “OK”
  4. File > Save and overwrite “mACT 23_0.tpl”

You can now close the file.

Load the mACT Work Environment.

Work Environments are saved on local computers and therefore need to be separately loaded on each individual workstation.
The mACT Work Environment has numerous benefits over the standard environment as it structures the interface more logically.

  1. ARCHICAD > Work Environment
  2. Ensure you are at the top of the tree called “Work Environment Profiles”
  3. Click “Import…” and “Browse” to the folder where you extracted the template. “Choose” the following folder /Extras/WE/
  4. Select “mACT 23” and “Import”
  5. Select “mACT 23” under the Stored Profiles, “Apply Schemes of Profile” and “Set as Default”
  6. “OK”

Familiarise yourself with the template.

mACT includes a comprehensive Reference Guide which outlines how the various aspects of the mACT framework have been set up.