SketchUp training based on our real-world experience

Our training is prepared and delivered by our team of experienced industry professionals.

Available online and face-to-face, our training focuses on preparing real architectural output.


You’re new to SketchUp, or familiar with CAD/BIM programs and want to know the basics to get started in SketchUp.

Learn about:

  • Getting Started
  • The SketchUp Workspace
  • Basic Modelling Rules

Everything you need to know to get you started.



You’re a regular SketchUp user and want to increase your skills and advance your use of the software

Learn about:

  • Scenes
  • Exporting and Importing
  • Creating Sections and Annotation
  • Further modelling skills
  • Layout and presentation.

Expand your knowledge and improve your productivity.



You’re special.

Talk to macinteract about custom training for you or your team.  Beginner or power user, we can design the best training programme, online, in our office or on site with you*

Custom built for you.



By Field Guide or face-to-face: our training is developed to suit your needs.


For beginner or guru, with our extensive online Field Guides library you can study in your own time and at your own pace.

our office.

Come to our office conveniently located in Surry Hills and close to Taylor Square.  Sessions are limited to 2 students by prior arrangement, so you get the most out of it.

your office.

We visit your office at a time that suits you. We can train a small group of your staff in a specific topic, or directly assist a team within their project file.



You’re new to SketchUp, or familiar with CAD/BIM programs and want to get to grips with the basics to get started in SketchUp.  This online guide takes you through the essential elements of the programme to give you the perfect foundation to begin your BIM Journey.

It’s everything you need to know to get you started.


Understanding SketchUp – course outline

SketchUp Workspace

  • Template
    What template is right for you?
  • Exploring SketchUp interface
    Learn all about the SketchUp workspace: Menu Bar, Tool Palettes, Drawing Area, Status Bar and Measurement Box
  • Shortcuts
    Learn how to use shortcuts to speed up your SketchUp modelling process
  • Windows
    Introduction to floating windows
  • Navigation
    Learn how to navigate through SketchUp models

Modelling Rules

  • Accuracy
    Learn how to create accurate and precise models
  • Inferencing
    What is Inferencing and how to use it for your benefit
  • Groups and Components
    Learn how to group parts of your model and when to use components
  • Layers
    Understand Layers in SketchUp and how to use it to create options, and introduction to Colour by Layer system
  • Guide Lines
    How to use guide lines to improve accuracy
  • Organisation
    Tools to keep your model organised


  • Draw
    Learn how to use drawing tools to create simple 2D and 3D models
  • Modify
    Learn how to use modifying tools: move, rotate, push/pull, follow-me, offset, scale and how to use it to copy, array, mirror and auto-fold elements
  • Selecting elements
    Learn different ways of selecting your model and tips for selecting parts of complex models
  • Visibility
    Toggle visibility on/off while modelling, use of X-ray, how to hide elements


  • Material Window
    Introduction to materials and colours
  • Apply Materials
    Learn how to apply material and how to sample material/colour
  • Materials for groups and components
    Principles of use of materials within groups or components
  • Create new and edit existing materials
    Are you not happy with default material selection? Lets create your own material
  • Material Textures
    How to apply texture, modify texture position and how to apply custom texture

3D Warehouse

  • Introduction to 3D warehouse, tips for how to find and download models and plugins


You’re an early SketchUp user and want to increase your skills and advance your use of the software.

Expand your knowledge and improve your productivity.



Using SketchUp – course outline


  • Create a scene
    Learn how to setup your scene, how to use Walkthrough tools, Field of View, Styles window
  • Scene properties
    Do you want to modify your scene? Learn how to update the scene and how you can change settings of the scene


  • Export 2D Graphic
    Export your model as images or CAD drawings
  • Animation
    Create animations from saved scenes


  • CAD file import
    How to import DWG/DXF file to your model and use it for tracing
  • Bitmap file import
    Learn how to import images and use them as textures, objects or watermarks
  • Teamwork in SketchUp
    Link other SketchUp files to your model and use it as teamwork workflow
  • Component import
    Learn how to link components into your model


  • Create section
    Learn how to use section and how to manage multiple sections
  • Section Cuts and Elevations
    Create and export sections and elevations


  • Text and 3D Text Tool
    Learn how to add text and labels and how to modify them
  • Dimension Tool
    Add dimensions to your model

Advanced modelling introduction

  • Sandbox Tools plugin
    SketchUp plugin to create 3D terrain model from contours
  • Match Photo
    Create a model to scale by tracing photographs
  • Dynamic Components
    Dynamic Components principles
  • Geo-Location
    Position your model for accurate shade studies or set location manually
  • Extension Warehouse
    Learn how to download and install SketchUp plugins. Learn how to use selected plugins
  • Extension Manager
    Learn how to manage extensions
  • Recommended Extensions
    Learn what extensions are handy to use for architectural modelling

SketchUp Layout

  • Introduction to Layout
    Learn the basics for creating high-quality documents and presentations from your SketchUp models

SketchUp Viewer

  • Introduction to Viewer
    Explore SketchUp Viewer interface


Not sure what you’re after – why not have macinteract come and talk to you in your office about your specific needs.

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