mACT Sanitary Bundle

mACT Sanitary Bundle GDL Objects


The mACT Sanitary Bundle objects allow for the display & control of the object itself and its related penetration symbol via Model View Options. Using these objects reduces costly mistakes during Documentation, as both object and penetration elements are locked and can no longer be accidentally moved around independently.

Similar to the mACT Smart Tree the mACT Sanitary objects can be updated to include custom 2D graphics.

The bundle currently includes the following 2d symbols:


  • mACT Basin – 2 types: single & double
  • mACT Shower – 2 types: rectangular & rounded
  • mACT Bathtub – 3 types: regular, round & freestanding
  • mACT Toilet – 2 types: simple and detailed with cistern options



compatible with AC21+

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