mACT Electrical Symbol Bundle

mACT Electrical Symbol Bundle GDL Objects


The mACT Electrical Symbol Bundle objects are based on a survey of a cross-section of Australian Consultant Drawings. Each 2d symbol has been redesigned for clarity and text & font settings can be globally controlled via Model View Options.

The bundle currently includes the following 2d symbols:


  • Communication – Data, Alarms, Speakers & Telephones
  • Distribution – Main Switch Board, Meter Panel, NBN
  • Electrical – Data, Telephone & TV Sockets, various GPO’s,
  • Fire – Fire Indicator Panels, Detectors, Sprinklers, Warden Intercom Points
  • Lights – Switches, Lights, Directional Lights, Fluorescents, Pendant
  • Security – Alarm Contact, Card Reader, CCTV (wall mounted), Electric Strike, Magnetic Lock, Push Button, V-Lock
  • Sensor – Motion & Smoke Sensors


compatible with AC20+

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