mACT 18

mACT 18


mACT, macinteract’s ArchiCAD framework, is designed to make your life easier: it organises, automates and completes what you got out of the box when you bought ArchiCAD.

What is included with mACT?

mACT includes everything that is shown on the feature list.

Experienced ArchiCad User

Developing something good takes time and experience.

Usually the person in the office with the most experience also has the least amount of time at their disposal or indeed has the most valuable time.

Using our framework leaves you with only needing to put the dots on the “i”’s in order to personalise and adapt your copy of mACT to your office standards.

New to ArchiCad

Being new to ArchiCad and having to set up a file for drawing can be a very daunting task indeed.

Using our framework simplifies the interaction with the software, it gives you a starting point to develop your office standards and a documented workflow designed to industry standards and designed by people with a wealth of practical experience.

Never needed a template

Gain flexibility by having any person in your office join a project and immediately know their way around.

Save time with the automated mACT setup, facilitating file structure and setup, integrated setup for office standards.

Gain certainty that when it’s crunch time there’s less room for error and less need for users to spend time inventing their own settings. With less potential for errors there will be more certainty that what rolls out of the printer will conform to your standards.

What happens with the next ArchiCAD version?

Graphisoft constantly improves ArchiCAD, with new features being released in a new version every year.

The same applies to mACT, which constantly gets developed based on our users feedback and our own experiences – please have a look out our release notes for the latest improvements.

Why does mACT cost what it costs?

mACT is an investment into the productivity of your office and has been constantly developed and improved since 2006. In other words, its value exceeds its price by far.
To give you some figures mACT’s price is only approx. 5% of the cost ArchiCAD and is less than you paid in tax for ArchiCAD – still not convinced? Check out our visual cost comparison…

What if we need support in adjusting mACT to our specific needs?

We offer support either as bundle when you purchase mACT or at hourly rates – for a proposal please contact us directly via email and include some details what you need done.

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