advanced ARCHICAD - Field Guide Bundle

specialised workflows for the experienced user

Advanced ARCHICAD – the complete advanced field guides

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The Complete Advanced Field Guide Bundle

This bundle contains a 3 month subscription to  all our current Advanced Field Guides with a saving of 20% on their total individual purchase.

You’re an experienced ArchiCAD user who wants to gain proficiency in specific architectural tasks.

The macinteract FIELD GUIDE sessions focus on stage / drawing package specific aspects features and workflows within ARCHICAD.  These individual field guides do not need to be studied in sequence facilitating their use as a reference whilst working on a real project. At the end of each guide, students will have a thorough understanding of the respective topic and will be able to apply best practices across various aspects of modelling in ARCHICAD.

All of our advanced ARCHICAD field guides – in one bundle!

Coming Soon!

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