IFC export from ARCHICAD

IFC export from ARCHICAD
12/18/2019 Admin Macinteract

Exporting IFC files from ARCHICAD can be a lengthy process, which often fails after an extended period. To minimise your risk of wasting your time, use the steps described below.

    • Check your ARCHICAD model for 3d errors / invalid polygons.
      More details how to best do this are available here > helpcenter.graphisoft.com/knowledgebase/63586/
    • Create a specific IFC EXPORT view, which ideally includes:
      a) a specific IFC LAYER COMBO, which includes only appropriate layers excluding high polygon count elements such as entourage, trees, furniture, etc.;
      b) a specific IFC export MVO set to reduce the polygon count, e.g. switch railing options to simplified or schematic, etc.;


    • Specify an appropriate storey range, i.e. exclude any stories that contain module elements;


  • Create an IFC publishing set to publish from a saved 3D view.

  • Using the correct IFC translator is key to produce the right output for your consultants / clients.


  • Before you distribute the IFC file to third parties, compress the IFC file via the free Solibri IFC Optimiser.