Test your skills.


macinteract’s expert team created this quiz to provide an independent assessment of ARCHICAD users’ skills.

Our quiz is inspired by GRAPHISOFT’s ARCHICAD Online Test and tests your knowledge of the real-world use of ARCHICAD as a tool to produce real-world architectural output.

The quiz is used by individuals applying for new positions as well as offices evaluating the training requirements of their staff.

It includes a broad range of questions across these categories:

  • real-world use questions > 90%
  • ARCHICAD version-specific questions (current version only) > 10%

There are 30 questions to answer within 30 minutes. The questions are randomly selected from a pool of over 80 questions.

Upon successful completion your results and a certificate will be emailed to you.

Ready, set… GO!

Please note: macinteract will retain a copy of your results for verification purposes.