About macinteract

We’re macinteract

We manage hardware and software for Apple-based creative professionals.

We are BIM experts and can help you and your staff reach higher proficiency in your chosen software. Our in house team can hone your skills with custom training to suit your needs, saving you both time and money.

We’re a team…

We believe in the strength of the team.  Our ability to cooperate internally and with you our clients is key to our own professional fulfilment and success as a business.

We’re direct…

We believe in direct, eye-to-eye communication. If the answer can be summarised in one word then, no matter who you are, we will not write an essay in reply.

We’re independent…

We give you our unbiased and straight-up advice. We don’t sell you hardware or software for profit. We don’t expect you to sign a lock-in contract with a big retainer.

… and it’s personal.

We are Daniel, Alex, Jon, Martin, Kevin and Tim. One of us will be your point of contact, the rest of us are there for support. No automated replies, no lodging of tickets, just us.

Why macinteract

With our background in your design industry, we take pride in our ability to communicate with you and your team without a translator.

We know how a design office works and what it needs to function efficiently. We believe in providing you with a closely integrated service. We watch, we listen, and we work with you to establish a strategy specifically tailored to the needs of your company.

Our goal is to be the Design Technology Managers you wish you had years ago.

We are human

macinteract is a Sydney-based Design Technology consultancy providing Apple-based BIM and IT services to creative professionals. macinteract is comprised of real people. We are a group of Architects and Designers with extensive international professional experience using ARCHICAD alongside several professional rendering and other creative software packages. Our clients range from sole operators to companies with over 130 staff.

We’ve worked with and taught at various universities, and worked for leading architectural and interior design firms. We know what a deadline tastes like, have felt the dread of that spinning wheel and have first-hand experience of the ad-hoc nature of BIM and IT in growing firms.